Daily Market Comments(20210726)-Peaking

From www.xinhuanet, Sherman Meeting Wang Yi.
  • All indexes inched higher, as investors waiting for the inflation report of Fed.
  • BTC reached 6 weeks high, ignited by the rumor that AMZN might support payment by BTC.
  • Selloff in China shares continued as more concern on tightening regulation from both China and U.S, rumoring foreign investors dumping China shares in HK, Shanghai and U.S.

Winners and Losers (in my watching list): YOU+5.93%, UAL+4.06%, SPCE+3.52%, ABNB+2.36%, PDD-8.84%, BILI-8.14%, BABA-7.15%, TSP-5.27%, RBLX-5.13%.

Bond Market: 10Y climbed to 1.297, and 30Y to 1.946(Big Jump)

Equity Market: NASDAQ closing at 14840.71, +0.03%; DJI 35144.31, +0.24%; S&P500 4422.30, +0.24%.

Econ Calendar: Nothing Big.

Big News: North Korea re-opened public talk with South Korea for the first in almost one year. U.S secretary of state heads to India, while dispute between Chinese and U.S diplomats broke out in Tianjin, China.

Guess On Next Move: With China shares plumbing, and reopening began, the U.S shares might not find it easy to keep rising.



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