Daily Market Comments(20210901)-Aiming Higher

From Wiley
  • China shares rebounded.
  • North Korea rejected Covid vaccines, again.
  • Chinese pork future price has dropped 50% from the peak in Feb — a very relieving sign for inflation pressure.

Winners and Losers (in my watching list): DIDI+11.92%, PDD+6.81%, TSP+6.04%, BILI+5.40%, WB+4.39%, LMND+4.38%; UVXY-3.30, GME-2.41%, MVIS-1.56%.

Bond Market: 10Y jumped to 1.30(from 1.224 on Aug 5th), and 30Y to 1.916 from 1.868 on Aug 5th. The short-term rose more sharply than longer term.

Equity Market: NASDAQ closing at 15309.38, +0.33%; DJI 35312.53, -0.14%; S&P500 4524.09, +0.03%.

Econ Calendar: ADP reported 374K jobs, far less than the forecast of 600K, but higher than previous data 326K.

Big News: Lots of things happened during my absence. U.S completed withdraw from Afghanistan, Chinese authority hit almost every good profit industry, resulted in most Chinese tech giants claiming to contribute for “common prosperity”.

Guess On Next Move: A crazy guess, NASDAQ peaking at 16000?



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