Daily Market Comments(20210907)-Coming Storm?

From Forbes
  • NASDAQ kept climbing higher while DJI ended in red after Labour Day long weekend.

Winners and Losers (in my watching list): CLOV+22.17%, DIDI+7.43%, BILI+6.04%, PDD+5.39%; MVIS-4.04%, HOOD-2.81%, TSP-1.96%, GME-1.85%.

Bond Market: 10Y jumped to 1.373% , and 30Y to 1.990

Equity Market: NASDAQ closing at 15374.33, +0.07%; DJI 35100, -0.76%; S&P500 4520.03, -0.34%.

Econ Calendar: None Scheduled.

Big News: Taliban’s building an exclusive government should not even be a surprise. BlackRock has raised 1 Billion for the first Chinese Mutual Fund managed by a pure Foreign Management Firm. EL Salvador becomes the first country to accept BTC payment while the crypto currency price swung a lot today.

Guess On Next Move: The climbing treasury yields and a rising UVXY must indicate something.



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