Daily Market Comments(20210908)-No Reason

From Blog
  • Stocks ended lower with concern on Delta variants, weak job data, and uncertainty of Fed Government’s easy money policy.
  • COIN dropped as regulators forbid the company to allow the users to lend bitcoins.
  • Most yesterday star stocks fell today.

Winners and Losers (in my watching list): SPCE+3.41%, SNOW+1.80%, COST+1.33%; CLOV-12.5%, DIDI-7.33%, TSP-7.1%

Bond Market: 10Y dipped to 1.344% , and 30Y to 1.961

Equity Market: NASDAQ closing at 15286.64, -0.57%; DJI 35031.07, -0.20%; S&P500 4514.07, -0.13%.

Econ Calendar: Job openings recorded, 10.9 million slightly higher than expected.

Big News: AMC Entertainment CEO teases possible partnership with GameStop, Jim Cramer is said to leave Thestreet.com after 25 years.

Guess On Next Move: Still waiting for the correction.



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