Daily Market Comments(20210921)-Buy The Dip?

From Youtube
  • NASDAQ ended in shallow green zone while DJI and SP500 in red, after the crash resulted from fear on China’s Lehman moment yesterday.

Winners and Losers (in my watching list): QS+16.02%, ABNB+4.73%,TSP+3.92%, HOOD+3.91%; UVXY-5.31%, AAL-2.80%, DIDI-1.81%, UAL-1.81%.

Bond Market: 10Y dipped to 1.313, and 30Y to 1.852, typical risk off model.

Equity Market: NASDAQ closing at 14746.40, +0.22%; DJI 33919.84, -0.15%; S&P500 4354.19, -0.08%.

Econ Calendar: None Schedule.

Big News: FB is reviewing the company’s exception rule which were believed to be more benevolent to celebrities.

Guess On Next Move: The crash might stop for a while. Hard to know what will happen in the future.



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