Daily Market Comments(2021210)-Higher and Higher

  • U.S major indexes rose anyway besides high CPI number.
  • Most China share indexes remained small changes.
  • COST jumped 6%.

Winners and Losers (in my watching list): COST+6.58%, LI+4.41%, EDU+4.07%, SEV+3.41%; UVXY-9.14%, HOOD-8.12%, LMND-7.10%, MVIS-5.75%.

Bond Market: 2Y dipped to 0.660, -3.6BPs, 10Y to 1.486, -1.7BPs, and 30Y rose to 1.882, +0.4BPs. 30s2s to 1.222, +4BPs. TIPS recorded -1.009.

Equity Market: NASDAQ closing at 15630.60, +0.73%; DJI 35970.99, +0.60%; S&P500 4712.02, +0.95%.

Econ Calendar: Headline CPI 6.8%, Core CPI 0.5%.

Big News: PBOC said Ever Grande default will be dealt in a market-oriented way.

What Big Names Saying: “With the nasdaq making all time highs, just one third of Nasdaq stocks are above their 200 DMA” — by zerohedge @zerohedge

Guess On Next Move: If high CPI doesn’t scare the bulls, what else can stop them?



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