Daily Market Comments(2021222)-Eased Concern

From Reuters
  • U.S major indexes keep rebounding.
  • China A shares almost flat overnight.
  • Most China related U.S stocks dropped sharply.

Winners and Losers (in my watching list): SEV+13.82%, TSLA+7.49%, TSP+5.26%, DWAC+2.80%; UVXY-8.76%, DIDI-6.79%, BILI-4.68%, BABA-4.20%.

Bond Market: 2Y climbed to 0.671, +1.3BPs;10Y dipped to 1.455, -0.6BPs, and 30Y to 1.851, -1.4BPs. 30s2s to 1.18, -2.7BPs. Keep flattening. TIPS recorded -1.055.

Equity Market: NASDAQ closing at 15521.89, +1.18%; DJI 35753.89, +0.74%; S&P500 4696.56, +1.02%.

Econ Calendar: U.S Q3 GDP recorded 2.3% > 2.1%(e). Home sells at fastest pace in 10 months.

Big News: U.S birth rate hit new low, and life expectancy reduced almost 1.5 years, due to COVID. Studies showed much lower hospitalization risk for Omicron variant. Turkish Lira stabilized with President Erdogan’s extraordinary policies, for now.

Guess On Next Move: Omicron concern eased, market might move a little bit higher, then focus on other things. Question is what.

What Big Names Saying:



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