Daily Market Comments(2021231)-Not Quite a Good Ending

From NYT
  • Major U.S stock indexes dropped, while NASDAQ the most.
  • China stocks rose with STAR 50 index jumping 1.65%, Shanghai and Shenzhen indexes around 0.5%.
  • Consumer spending brands like Home Depot, Walmart lead the Dow index.

Winners and Losers (in my watching list): RBLX+2.63%, TSP+2.60%, Z+1.62%; YOU-5.88%, DIDI-4.78%, GME-4.47%, PINS-4.22%.

Bond Market: 2Y remained flat to 0.73;10Y to 1.514, +0.4BPs, and 30Y to 1.906, -1.2BPs. 30s2s to 1.176, -1.2BPs. TIPS recorded -1.094%.

Equity Market: NASDAQ closing at 15644.97, -0.61%; DJI 36338.30, -0.16%; S&P500 4766.18, -0.26%.

Econ Calendar: None scheduled.

Big News: Omicron variant drove U.S daily COVID-19 case number to record high. Biden assured Ukraine leader of ‘decisive’ US response to a Russian invasion.

Guess On Next Move: Might enjoy a happy day on the first 2022 trading session?

What Big Names Saying:



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