Daily Market Comments(20220506) — This Wouldn’t End Well

From Twitter
  • NASDAQ continued to crash while DJI and S&P 500 dropped also.
  • China mainland stocks crashed.

Winners and Losers (in my watching list): DWAC+4.31%, WE+3.25%, AMD+1.57%; TSP-10.49%, DIDI-10.31%, SPCE-9.33%.

Bond Market: 2Y climbt to 2.696, +7BPs; 5Y to 3.086, +7.6BPs; 10Y 3.13, +6.2BPs; 30Y moved to 3.23, +6.9BPs. All shifted up nearly 7 BPs.

Equity Market: NASDAQ crashed at 12144.66, -1.40%, DJI dropped a little bit to 32899.37, -0.3%, and S&P 500 dropped to 4123.34, -0.57%.



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