Daily Market Comments(20220420) — Less Viewers

  • US stock markets diverged with Dow rising NASDAQ tumbling and S&P 500 unmoving.
  • China stocks crashed overnight.
  • Elon Musk believed “woke mind virus” and “wokeness” threat to modern civilization, and led Netflix unwatchable as well.
From YahooSports

Winners and Losers (in my watching list): COST+1.55%, UAL+1.24%, TWTR+1.21%; NFLX-35.12%, RBLX-12.5%, SQ-8.84%.

Bond Market: 2Y nearly flat to 2.603, 5Y dipped to 2.86(-6BPs), 10Y dropped to 2.857(-11.5BPs) and 30Y 2.922(-7.9BPs). 10s2s, 0.254. TIPS recorded -0.091%.

Equity Market: NASDAQ closing at 13453.07, -1.22%; DJI at 35160.79, +0.71%; S&P 500 at 4459.45, -0.06%.

Econ Calendar: Existing home sales recorded 5.77 million.

Big News: Russia took the first city after the starting of the invasion.

Guess On Next Move: Be careful.

What Big Names Saying:



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