What makes a strong brand?

Ganesha Siagian
Personal Branding
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2 min readDec 13, 2016


There are several details that need to be considered. These details can make a big, important difference to your brand. Anyway, let’s get down to the question; what elements are needed to build a strong brand? Here are the tips you should consider in order to make your brand a strong brand:

Firstly, you got to know the meaning of your brand.

Get a clear view about your brand’s definition! It’s not only about the logo, symbol, business names, jingles or even taglines. It takes more than that to understand the meaning of your brand. You have to think about what consumer feels about your brand as well. Duh.

Secondly, create a brand promise only you can fulfill.

Another obvious yet underestimated statement. Lots of people be thinking, “Let’s just create a cool brand promise. Think of the result later,” a very bad way to think of creating a brand promise. Don’t even think of creating a brand promise if you don’t have the slightest idea of fulfilling it. It is totally worse than not promising anything at all.

When it comes to brand promise, we’re talking about the communication between you and your customers. They get to receive the promise your brand made, and you get to fulfill it. The very communication between you and your costumer is what makes your brand existing.

You can think of creating a false brand promise only when you’re willing to disappoint your customers.

Thirdly, maintain a consistent support to your brand.

In order to keep existing, an adequate support for your brand is needed. Why? It’s because, you need to create a brand equity for your brand to develop a greater investment for your business.

Lastly, show patience towards your brand.

Everything needs time. Even your brand needs time to build its way to the top. You can’t just rush things up, creating a mess to your brand. Rushing things up to your brand is definitely a big no. The consumers need a proper time to create an image about your brand. Remember, the image they’re creating in their minds about your brand is very crucial for the sake of your brand’s life.