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Astrology August 21 2018. Interference.

Last night I went to see Cult/Bush/Stone Temple Pilots and during the Bush set I lay down on my blanket and stared at the Moon as I soaked up the music. Suddenly there was a disturbance, the mood shifted and everyone around started getting excited.

The singer of Bush took to the crowd and ran all the way through the crowd with his Mic. He ran right in front of us.

Today is a bit like that.

The Capricorn Moon started the morning aspecting Rx Saturn in Capricorn, Rx Uranus in Taurus and Rx Chiron in Aries. So, the steadier energy of the earthy Moon received a jolt of electricity and a distant storm.

Later today the Leo Sun moves to the degree of the total Eclipse last August 21 and makes an awkward inconjunct aspect to Rx and out of bounds Mars in Capricorn adding to the energy of irritation or disturbance in the force.

The inconjunct aspect has been described as an itch you cannot scratch. The mix of the fixed fire sign, Leo and cardinal earth sign, Capricorn, really don’t understand each other so that makes this an aspect that needs a redirect. Throw in the rogue energy of Mars and the triggering of last year’s Eclipse (oh what a day that was) and this is a fidgety, irritable aspect that interferes with the peace of the major earth and water energy that we have right now.

But it really is more like a storm in the distance. Not quite swirling around you but enough to cause a feeling of restlessness and irritability.

And something will hark back to that day a year ago. The total Eclipse. What did you begin to release back then? What began back then? What’s changed in this last year?

Those thoughts will be like a gnat in your ear today but will lead to a further release of any residuals on this weekend’s Full Moon.

But in the background.

Otherwise, the waxing Capricorn Moon makes for a fairly productive day where you can use persistence and determination to push through on any outstanding projects that you would like to complete.

I say fairly productive because overall we are in a fog of confusion right now.

So, get to work.

Much Love

Louise ❤