Astrology Jan 8 2018. Idea Explosion

Moon in Aquarius connects with Vesta and true Black Moon Lilith today.

Social, humanitarian, wild, creative, visionary.

I keep thinking of the old public info ad, ‘this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs’ because I feel like I have ingested some brain altering (and mind expanding) drug so far today.

The synapses are snapping and it’s a wonderful multi colored chatty energy with majorly wild overtones and a side of humanitarianism and activism.

Aspects to stationing Eris and newly direct Uranus in Aries between now early tomorrow only add to the wildly erratic energy.

It’s taken me until 11am to actually settle down to write because I am restless AF.

You probably are too.

But you can enjoy the creative, social vibe if you allow it.

So this post is short so I gan go be a butterfly and flit from idea to idea and have fun with it.

Much Love

Louise ❤