Astrology June 17th 2019. Stormy

Louise Edington
Jun 17 · 5 min read

Happy Sagittarius Full Moon with Mercury now back ‘in bounds’ and the Moon void until 10.12 am MDT and still under the power of the Jupiter in Sagittarius/Neptune in Pisces square.

Anyone else feel a surge of energy? It’s a strange feeling but it’s like an enormous wave.The Moon was conjunct the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, and the Galactic Center and also squaring Neptune in Pisces and Eris in Aries.

It feels as if it has shaken the world in some way. Maybe that’s just me?

As we drove home from Reno yesterday along the ‘loneliest road in America’, Highway 50, Nevada, the storms were literally crackling around us and we came across the strangest thing.

In Austin, NV there is a folly called Stokes Castle. My maternal family name is Stokes.

And here, with Mercury and Mars converging on the North Node in Cancer, and transiting through my 7th house of relationships, tomorrow is a castle with that name.

Now I want to investigate the story behind it and the family that built it. Castles are very Capricornian and this has triggered my imagination in weird ways.

This ‘Castle’ was only occupied for 2 months by the Stokes family. What a waste of time and money.

Anyways, this all triggered many strange thoughts and thoughts on the long, lonely road.

Castles and storms. many storms are happening in the world and around us.

My own life feels strangely ‘normal’ but I feel the storms gather. And what do storms do? They clear the air, they destroy. I kept thinking of the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ honestly.

A tipping point is coming, at least that’s how it feels. An accelerated point in our human evolution.

What do you think?

When the Moon moves into Capricorn later she will move to trine Uranus in Taurus before Saturn in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces at that 18˚ mark and Mercury and Mars meet at 21˚ Cancer.

This is a power surge of making things real and clarifying your thoughts and ideas around building your own castle.

Funnily enough, my husband and I have been looking at an off grid property with vague ideas of living self sufficiently. We don’t feel ready but who knows.

This feels like a pivotal week. Mercury and Mars are both now back in bounds and we have this brief point before Mercury enters the shadow of his next retrograde on the 20th.

Add in the fact that the aspects to Neptune from the Moon and Saturn in Capricorn are occurring as Neptune stations to turn Rx on the 21st.

Turning points.

We will also have lunar occultations of both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn again tomorrow.

And all of this is connected to the July Eclipse energies.

Unless you like change you are likely to be feeling uncomfortable right now. Some more than others.

The Capricorn Moon will bring a surge of productivity but it’s tinged with the infusion of spirit, of the questing nature of the Jupiter/Neptune square.

Joseph Campbell comes to mind and I have a strong urge to listen to his wisdom once more.

So is it going to be the Grail Quest or is it going to be the Wasteland? he would ask. Are you going to go on the creative soul’s quest or are you going to pursue the life that only gives you security? Are you going to follow the star of the zeal of your own enthusiasm? Are you going to live the myth or is the myth going to live you?

I really feel as if I am on some sort of grail quest right now only I am not yet sure what I am questing.

I pulled cards, the Prince of Cups (mastery of emotional desire), the 8 of wands ( direct communication and swift action — very appropriate with Mercury/Mars in conjunction) and the Prince of Wands ( mastery of inspired creativity). You can look up the images if you wish. I used the Thoth tarot.

I leave you with not only my own words and the Tarot to ponder but also the words of the Chandra and Sabian symbols for the Mercury/Mars conjunction to ponder. You might want to spend some time doodling, journaling or meditating on all of this today. Especially these words!

Bunches of watercress growing by a cool spring.
Spacious. Making room for worlds to be born, new life to arise, the fount of existence to be tapped, the center of things to become vital again. A global sensibility, a universal dream, a brotherhood/sisterhood vision to repopulate the world with vital, fresh beings, to find the place inside that is sustaining and renewing and to give it forth abundantly. A certain spirit of destiny breakthroughs — something different previously unsuspected. Diving for the eternal waters, and here they are if they are called in at full power. The one given the task to refocus the shared aspiration to bring us all together. You have an utterly engaging quality that cannot be denied once it fully arises, with the most memorable of touches and looks. The presence of the Great Goddess force at every level, accessible if dreamed up and invited in. The cracking through at the peak time and place. All is revitalized. Everything forgotten comes on the spiral to the next octave and is released into the celebration of being.


KEYNOTE: The longing for transcendent happiness in the soul opened to great dreams.

Here the symbol pictures the imaginative youthful person who basically cannot be satisfied with what his or her ordinary social environment offers, and who instead is longing for the unknown visitation of which he or she has dreamed. From the unconscious beyond, the concretization of a spiritual image — spiritual because impelled by the “wind” (pneuma, spirit) — is hoped for and expected. The Beloved may come — not in a glittering opera house, but in the silence of the inner sea of consciousness.

At this second stage of this five-fold sequence the contrast with the first is strongly marked. Will the great dream become concrete? Will the emotion ready to well up in response to the Advent have its chance? Will the EXPECTANCY of the Eternal Feminine be rewarded with reality?

The world we have is no longer satisfying for those of us feeling this rising of consciousness.

So is it going to be the Grail Quest or is it going to be the Wasteland?

Think on that.

Much Love

Louise ❤

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Astrology With a Twist of Shamanism = Planetary Magic

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Your Cosmic Blueprint. Astrology With a Twist of Shamanism = Planetary Magic

Astrology With a Twist of Shamanism = Planetary Magic