The Astrology of the Burning of Our Lady. April 15th 2019

Notre Dame

Louise Edington
Apr 15, 2019 · 5 min read

Soooo, this burning is tragic but the symbology is amazing. Please note I do not celebrate the actual burning before anyone gets offended.

I have been warning about the 23˚ mark and the Cardinal Grand Cross bringing major, major change. Incidentally the Cathedral is in the shape of a cross….

And here we have Notre Dame cathedral in Paris burning down in front of our eyes as Venus and Lilith meet at the 23˚ mark of Pisces in aspect to Pluto at 23˚ and right after Eris in Aries is conjoined by the Sun, also at 23˚.

I will take a look at the chart more in a moment but let’s look at the other symbolism.

Today (well yesterday was Palm Sunday when Jesus walked into Jerusalem) is the start of Holy Week leading up to Easter and, well, I think most of us know the story of that week but just in case, it tracks the story of the last week of Jesus’ life leading to the crucifixion and rebirth. You can read more here. This is probably the most important week for the Christian Church.

The name, Notre Dame, means ‘our Lady’. This just feels so appropriate for what I wrote in this morning’s post about the divine feminine. One could suggest that the divine feminine is rejecting the control imposed by the Patriarchy!

The Black Hole photo. Feels like it has opened a whole can of worms.

According to FB friends,

There were three synagogues and churches firebombed in Paris earlier this week as well as two Notre Dam security guards attacked with hammers in the last week. Source: Paris Newspaper from last week and Catholic Times blog reported on the two security guards being attacked with hammers.~ Flora Elmore

we are entering the 11 day period of terrorist attacks by white supremacist and extremists of all kinds.
The 5 days before and after Hitlers birthday, on ironically 4–20, always has a major attack. Especially in the USA.~ Elizabeth Barton

Then there is the Astrology.

I’ve been talking about the 23˚ mark for ages. Like in this post.

In the chart of the burning, even if the time is off slightly because I also saw a time of 5.08 pm, we have Venus, Lilith, Pluto, Eris and Jupiter (almost back to 23˚) all at 23˚.

Venus and Lilith, the divine feminine in the sign of Pisces, which I have often described as the true Christ consciousness energy of unconditional love, peace and compassion.

Eris in Aries, a fire sign, throwing in her apple of discord. Having only just been transited by the Sun (more fire)

Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius (fire). Sagittarius represents religion amongst other things and Jupiter is the ruler making this big. Jupiter turned Rx on the 10th and is now approaching a semi-sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, a making a trine to Eris and a square to Venus and Lilith today.

The chart itself has the Cardinal cross in the Cardinal houses initiating change with the Pluto/Saturn/South Node conjunction in the fourth house that’s ruled by the Moon, or ‘our Lady’. This conjunction is tearing down the patriarchy at a rapid rate. Pluto is also currently statioing to turn Rx and the Sabian symbol for that degree is:

Mars is in Gemini, the sign of the word, on the cusp of the ninth house of religion, a fire house ruled naturally by Sagittarius. Mars is fire.

Chiron, who in many ways represents the Shaman figure of the Christ, is on the descendant or 7th house cusp and opposing the ascendant in Libra, the sign of justice that’s ruled by Venus, see earlier.

Uranus in Taurus is close to the 8th house cusp, the house of death and rebirth and Taurus also represents the earthly manifestation of values (Church). Uranus is shock and lightning.

I could go on and on and on.

And I may write more.

But then there is this article that someone shared with me about the history of Notre Dame.

Jupiter, see above, is mentioned in point 1 of the article

The Île-de-la-Cité on which Notre-Dame de Paris now stands was once a Gallo-Roman city known as Lutetia. The cathedral may have been built right over remnants of a temple: Around 1710, pieces of a sculpted altar dedicated to Jupiter and other deities were discovered during an excavation under the choir (although it remains unclear if this is evidence of an ancient temple, or if the pieces were recycled there from another location). Additional architectural ruins found in the 1960s and ’70s, many dating back to this ancient era, lie in the archaeological cryptlocated beneath the square just in front of Notre-Dame.

This burning feels as if we are really hurtled into the end of the Age of Pisces (the fishes of Christianity) in a major way.

A Cathedral could not be a stronger representation of the patriarchy and the Age of Pisces.

The Cathedral was also important in the French revolution as mentioned in the linked article.

In 1793, in the midst of the French Revolution, 28 statues of biblical kings in the cathedral were pulled down with ropes and decapitated by a mob. (King Louis XVI was guillotined earlier that year, and any iconography tied to the monarchy was under attack.) The mutilated stones were eventually tossed in a trash heap, which the Minister of the Interior dealt with by ordering the material be repurposed for construction. It wasn’t until 1977 that the heads of 21 of these kings were rediscovered during work on the basement of the French Bank of Foreign Trade. Now they’re at the nearby Musée de Cluny.

Pluto is nearing his revolutionary return (back to where he was at that time) from the time of both the French and American revolutions. Only this time we have a whole lot more going on around Pluto as we head into the USA’s (and modern day France’s) Pluto returns!

I am sure there will be more to say.

But the divine feminine is definitely taking things back here!

EDIT: There was also a fire in a majorly important Mosque at the same time as the Notre Dame fire. You can read about that here.

Your Cosmic Blueprint. Astrology With a Twist of Shamanism = Planetary Magic

Astrology With a Twist of Shamanism = Planetary Magic

Louise Edington

Written by

Kick Ass Astrologer and Writer. Become a Your Cosmic Blueprint Member, Buy my Book or book a Reading. All Links at

Your Cosmic Blueprint. Astrology With a Twist of Shamanism = Planetary Magic

Astrology With a Twist of Shamanism = Planetary Magic

Louise Edington

Written by

Kick Ass Astrologer and Writer. Become a Your Cosmic Blueprint Member, Buy my Book or book a Reading. All Links at

Your Cosmic Blueprint. Astrology With a Twist of Shamanism = Planetary Magic

Astrology With a Twist of Shamanism = Planetary Magic

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