GMC Software is betting on you!

The last two weeks have been amazing, as we had Inspire Days events in Barcelona, Spain and Marco Island, Florida in the United States. Between these events, I was able to share our roadmap with over 300 customers, many partners, and even some enthusiastic prospective customers.

As I took the stage in Barcelona to deliver “The Future of CCM,” I snapped this photo of the audience just after tweeting “These are the people we are betting on.”

This group really is the future of GMC Software. As GMC grows our business (over 20% from last year) and our conference (over 40% from last year), we want to let our customers and partners know that we are still dedicated to bringing more value to our clients.

One of the most important topics we covered in general sessions, demo pods, customer reference presentations, 1:1 meetings, and roadmap sessions was the need to prepare GMC clients for the coming years.

I like to pull back from some day to day thinking, and think a few years forward. That technique allows you to assume away some of the day to day items that cloud our long term vision.

In a few years…

maybe three…

maybe five…

It doesn’t’ really matter how long…

There will be a moment where communication is owned by a single entity within the business. This will happen regardless of channel, content, infrastructure, legacy systems, data services, agency assistance, or a number of other factors. It will be necessary that communication has a key owner. It might be a CXO, CMO, CCO, CDO, VP of something, a forward looking BPO, or someone with a title that hasn’t been invented yet.

At this time, this person (or team) will have responsibility for many touchpoints. They will be responsible for how things appear in every channel. They will be responsible for rapid implementation. They will be accountable to many compliance regulations.

At GMC Software, we think you are these people. As we imaging ourselves in the future, looking back at today. GMC sees the CCM users have the right skills, best practices, and knowledge to take over all communications as things centralize. We think you can help bring order out of the increasing complexity and chaos that is CCM.

So, we are dedicated to making tools that make things easier for you. We put things in context of a larger customer journey. We let your line of business users create your own approval processes. We help your designers visualize every channel side by side. We supply your compliance team with a single PDF of every channel. We speed collaboration through social commenting. We are supporting you with technology that is consistently recognizes by analysts as market leading.

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