The CCM Tides Are Turning: Why You Need to Pay Attention

If you follow GMC Software on social media, or had the pleasure of attending one of our 2016 Inspire Days user conferences, you already know that we just launched our first-ever book: “The Authoritative Guide to CX Excellence: Unlocking the Power of Customer Communications Management”.

If this is news to you, I’d like to take this opportunity to share why you need to pay attention.

As one who produces and consumes a significant amount of content on a daily basis, I’ve seen my share of guides and papers, including a number of Customer Communications Management (CCM) guides.

I promise, this one is different.

Every industry and market changes. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) evolved from three separate markets — sales force automation, marketing automation, and service management. The market continues to evolve to include analytics, collaboration, and business process management.

Once upon a time, customer commuincations management (CCM) was focused solely on print and transactional content, which continues to be important for many companies. However, the world has changed, and as a result CCM has as well. The world is digital, consumers are mobile, devices evolve faster, content is dynamic, compliance is mandatory, competition is fierce, and customer experience matters. Everything that was true 7–10 years ago is no longer true.

In the past, communications have been managed by the IT and operations center. Today many more stakeholders take part in the process due to the importance of communications. Consumers are engaged with brands across channels and expect answers now. It’s no longer acceptable to wait until the monthly statement for balance updates — they have to be one click away in a mobile app. This is precisely the reason why the Chief Experience Officer is now involved with the CCM process.

Every company, small or large, is forced to support customer demand or they won’t survive. Of course, you don’t need me to tell you that — there are countless examples of this across all industries and geographies. This guide is intended to update you on the latest CCM trends, the business requirements for driving change, and best practices on connecting CCM to the office of the customer.

The world has evolved and promises to continue changing — this eBook is a resource to help you drive change within your organization so you are better prepared for the future.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as the team enjoyed putting it together for you. After you read it, we want to hear from you. What are your current challenges? What was the most useful part of the guide? How are you using this to enhance your CCM practice? What did we forget? Please email us at info@gmc [dot] net.


Tamir Sigal
 Chief Marketing Officer
 GMC Software

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