Mi Gente: People of My Service

My super sweet host (grand)parents. They welcomed me into their family as one of their own.
My real parents, who say that being Peace Corps parents is one of the hardest things they have ever done.
My project partner (in crime), Carlos, who is the manager of the coffee coop
My other project partner, Milkin
Argentina and Dineidy, the secretaries of the coop and my office mates
My host uncle Wilson, with his daughter and granddaughter. The gringo is Nick, a former volunteer that lived in my site from 2011–2013.
Neighborhood girlies, and our pathetic dog (which I named Guacamole because hearing Dominicans say guacamole makes me laugh everytime)
My host bro, Alex
Host aunts and uncles, in town for a family reunion
Host uncle cutting up a pig he killed that morning in our backyard (Can you say farm to table)
My friend Miguel, who I sit with at church and who also happens to only have 6/10 fingers but a 10/10 personality
My province mate and closet fellow volunteer, Paul
My best volunteer mates, Sarah and Matt
Fellow business volunteers, enjoying a night out at a food truck yard in the capital