When is this god forsaken House of Cards going to collapse?

I’m getting a little emotional here, people.

So, every emotionally-invested House of Cards fan at some point must feel the instinct to write a review about the saga… or at least to open his mouth and loudly share an opinion.

After finishing House of Cards last night in what I hope was a moderate, time-distributed television binge, I was seized by that urge.

I’m going to need to put a [SPOILER ALERT] here in order to be able to pour out my deep, dark, incoherent feelings about the show. I hope you all understand I’m making myself very vulnerable here.


Honestly, after watching literal needless death inspired by maniacal, loathsome, white male thuggery and naked violence against women, I felt nothing more than depressed. I feel like I have just been taken on a ride to make me sad, with no moral betterment or emotional nurturing I believe I deserve if I am to be so tortured.

They are obviously lining Kate Baldwin up to be the heroine of this next season, this goes almost without saying.

But on the topic of a next season, something needs to hurry up and happen. Again, I feel like Netflix is taking my for a ride, and I’ve got an issue with that, man. And trying to ramp things up too fast will make it very difficult to avoid those awkward, endlessly painful, on-the-nose or emotionally bald moments put there for plot purposes. All I’m saying, alright.

That said, of course they’re all brilliant writers and actors doing something I never in my life could do. There’s my moment of bare fandom to take the edge off my fan angst.

Update: Added more fan angst.

You know, speaking of shows currently taking me for an emotional, gut-wrenching ride, I do have a backlog of Walking Dead episodes to watch…