It’s time to care about the open web
Dave Winer ☮

These are the things I stay up at night thinking about, and the issues I know deep down matter. I’ve read Rushkoff’s *Program or Be Programmed* and similar books that advocate for basic web and computer literacy, and the importance of liberal and distributed/federated technologies. I know these things matter.

But to me, as a well-informed but non-technical person, trying to learn to code (and the abstract principles of computer science and software development) in my spare time, it’s always so much easier to default to the pre-packaged platforms of the day. The open web struggles for the same reason Linux struggles: it may be more capable and more customizable, but it’s so much harder.

The momentum and reach of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Medium are siren songs. They are easy to use and we all (common users, journalists, freelance, hobbyist and aspiring writers all) want it to be easy.

It’s only when we realize we’ve ceded all control that the bleakness of the situation sets in.