Samsung SmartThings names Your Majesty Amsterdam as their Global Agency of Record

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May 19, 2017 · 3 min read

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The big IoT player engaged Your Majesty in late 2015 and they have been working behind the scenes since then. As the first big reveal, the agency rolls out SmartThings’ new brand identity in digital channels, retail and packaging.

“We’re passionate about creating an end-to-end customer experience which is consistent, seamless, and simple.” said David Bailey, Vice President of Marketing at Samsung SmartThings. “We’ve started with a new website, new product packaging, new retail merchandising, and new marketing materials. In the coming months, we’ll be working with Your Majesty to update our social media platforms, customer communications, sales training materials and much more.”

Your Majesty has worked globally as an extension of the SmartThings team to develop a new communications strategy that puts a relentless focus on simplicity and consistency.

“As an innovation-driven firm, it’s a dream to work in the Internet of Things field and to push the envelope through experience design. Our team has collaborated closely with the talented team at SmartThings and it’s very exciting to finally start showing the work.” said Georgios Athanassiadis, Managing Partner at Your Majesty Amsterdam.

As a first step in the process Your Majesty gave SmartThings a brand identity refresh and then followed with implementing it throughout all communication channels.

As a part of the branding Your Majesty worked with illustrator Cléa Dieudonné to create a world of SmartThings illustrations that, in a series of quirky videos, informs consumers about how to get started with home automation.

“We wanted to shift the messaging, from speaking to early adopters and technophiles, towards speaking to the broader masses. By using a more playful tone, we hope to speak to people who not yet have tried home automation and educate them that you can do a lot more than just switching on your lights with your smartphone,” said Olle Larsson, senior designer at Your Majesty.

About Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings gives people freedom of choice in the connected devices and services they use in their homes. With an open platform and a thriving ecosystem of partners, SmartThings creates infinite possibilities for people to add a little smartness to their things. SmartThings is headquartered in Mountain View, California and operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

Works with SmartThings

SmartThings is the brain of your smart home, connecting wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and services, and making them work together. SmartThings works with devices from more than 50 partners, including the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Visit to see the full list of compatible devices.

About Your Majesty Co.

Your Majesty is a design and technology firm with offices in New York and Amsterdam that creates digital product and brand experiences for innovation-driven companies, agencies and start-ups. At the moment, they are working with Samsung SmartThings, Spotify, Universal Music Group, Drone Racing League and Airbnb.

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Your Majesty Co.

A design and technology firm. Publisher of Founders and directors of #May1Reboot

Your Majesty

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A design and technology firm. Publisher of Founders and directors of #may1reboot

Your Majesty Co.

A design and technology firm. Publisher of Founders and directors of #May1Reboot