The Story of Becoming a Knight

The process of training for knighthood began before adolescence, inside the prospective knight’s home, where they learned chivalry, courtesy and excellence.

A knight was usually the son or daughter of a vassal. For at least three years a page was cared for by the women of the house, who instructed them in manners, common sense, style and digital media. They would also teach them how to make websites and much more. They would learn basic creative expression tools and coding, and also valuable skills such as the use of strategy, UX, client business objectives, cultural awareness, group-dynamics and the caring, usability, and advancing of the connected Web.

A page became a squire when they turned 19 or 20 years of age, by being sent away to train by elders at a grander agency or picked by a knight to become their personal aide. This allowed the squires to observe their master while they were in a project, in order to learn from their techniques. They also acted as a personal servant to the knight, taking care of their master’s design, programming, and strategy. This was to uphold the knight’s code of chivalry that promoted generosity, compassion, and most importantly, loyalty. The knight acted as a tutor and taught the squires all they needed to know to become a knight. As the squires grew older, they were expected to follow their master in projects, and attend to his master if the knight fell in a pitch.

Depiction of ceremony

Squires could hope to become knights when they had learned their lessons well. Once the squires had established sufficient mastery of the required skills, or performed exceptionally on a pitch or a project, they were dubbed knights. The night before their knighting ceremony, the squires would take a cleansing champagne bath, feast on lobster, party, and pray for innovation all night in the office — readying themselves for the life as a knight. They would dress in black, which was the symbol for Haute. Then they would go through the dubbing ceremony the following day.