How to silently Promote Yourself? No talking, all walking!

Time and focus are the two most valuable things that you have.

If you don’t think that way, then probably you don’t value yourself and because of that others won’t either.

It is a delicate balance. Too much thinking about your value and you start to wander into narcissistic territory. Too little and you will have no voice, you won’t be heard. The key is a healthy balance, like most things in life.

This kind of balance is the one that Malcolm Gladwell was talking about in a recent episode of the Tim Ferris Show podcast.

He described the situation that most athletes face when training and competing. When athletes are training they have to listen to their body, they must have their ego in check to avoid injuries.

The tricky part is that when they do so the ego can become tamed and then it is not useful later when needed. In competition it is the opposite, your body needs to shut up, and you have to let your ego take you to the next level if you want to be a champion.

We all face the same challenge in our lives. Whether we are professionals looking to take our career to the next level, or a business wanting to create value for its customers and grow.

There is a fine line that we have to walk so that our voice can be heard but not by sacrificing the voice and needs of our co-workers or customers, and even competitors. Because when we listen, we have more chances to learn than when we speak. Yet, we hear all the time that we must be self-promoting.

Which one is the right approach then? This are some key actions you can take right away:

  • Have a mindset of “What is in it for them”

Always put others first in your mind, and think about how can you add value to them (teammates, customers, bosses, etc.).

  • Take action to Create Value

Once you see an opportunity to add value then act on it and deliver it. Create a track record of impactful results. Don’t just share ideas. Share them with the plan to take action and also with any early results you may have already.

  • Promote the results and the Successes of Others

The beauty of it is that by doing so you will be promoting yourself indirectly, but you are still making it about them and the results they achieved thanks to YOUR actions.

  • It is a marathon, not a sprint.

This process will take time, so you have to be patient. Focus on the actions and the results will come. Get in action NOW,

Being at the First Page of Google is a great way to get your voice heard. And to do it you have to create value for others. The algorithm has gotten so smart nowadays that it is almost impossible to trick it, you have to be adding valuable content to get there.

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Learning and sharing knowledge are my passions, let’s connect if it’s yours too.

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