Beyonce, Adele, Lady Gaga: A Lesson in Future Proofing

Photo Credit: Garidy Sanders


It’s no secret that social media companies are huge. Life is good for them, REALLY GOOD. Billions of users, tens of billions in revenue and profits, and still growing.

But here’s a secret!

YOU fuel their growth — the world’s best creators developing the best content every single day. You try things, make things, and share what you’ve learned so our bodies, minds, and our lives can be a little better.

Flip the script with Inspo

We’re not talking about cat videos, exploding watermelons, or cousin Jonny’s Kiki challenge video.

You’ve shown us how to master a one-pan paella, throw an outfit together on zero notice, make a kid’s birthday party feel like Disneyland, and taught us how to perfect a smokey eye. The reality is we only check social media so we don’t miss what you share.

Do you know the average expert influencer posts +100 times/month across all social platforms?

Do you know how much social media companies make from ads they place around expert influencer content?

A recent study by AdStage reveals that the average cost-per-impression (CPM) rate is $11.20 for every 1,000 impressions. Translation: that’s close to $2 million/year, per influencer.

That’s a lot, right?

In other words…

Lululemon does not want their leggings ad next to cousin Jonny’s Kiki video.

But they do want to see it beside the Plyo HIIT Cardio Workout video and they’ll pay a lot for the privilege.

Wouldn’t it be nice to share in that revenue? How about a thank you?

This is clear: YOU drive social media and it’s time to think about the future. One where you are truly rewarded and appreciated for your time, energy, and partnership. One where you participate in the success you create.

A Lesson from the music industry.

Photo Credit: NeONBRAND

Until very recently, if you wanted to be at the top of the music game it was only possible through the distribution of major music labels. They wielded the same power as today’s social media giants. Beyonce with Sony, Adele with Columbia, and Lady Gaga with Universal.

Then everything changed. Widespread Internet access, the world of file sharing, music download services like Napster, and all the way to iTunes.

Fans no longer needed to own music. They just wanted to access ALL of it whenever they wanted. And musicians wanted to find new ways to make money from every song, and direct access to their fanbase.

The power shift from record labels to artists.

Photo Credit: Txus Garcia

Through a serendipitous combination of technology, imagination, and the right timing, Spotify was born. Instead of fighting record labels, Spotify created a service that gave fans total access to virtually every song imaginable, while striking up a true partnership with artists.

That partnership allowed artists to participate in the growth and success of the streaming platform. Artists made money every time their music streamed and the more fans that joined the service, the more streams that were generated.

A collective of artists supported by a real platform partner who helped future proof artists. The music business has never been better for fans, and the artists are more successful than ever.

Future proofing YOU.

What’s the point of hustling to create amazing content if you’re not appreciated and meaningfully rewarded?

The evolution of social media is coming. A next-generation network that puts YOU first. A social media network only featuring a collective of the world’s expert creators and their content.

A place where YOU:

  • Escape social media algorithms by ensuring every fan sees everything you post
  • Access hundreds of millions of fans
  • Make money from every single post

Start future proofing yourself here.