The Power of Us

Photo Credit: Clark Tibbs

There is strength in numbers. It is a famous line for good reason — we see it everywhere.

We see it in nature. Every fall tens of millions of Monarch Butterflies band together and fly 3,000 miles to central Mexico so they don’t die from the winter chill.

We see it in our culture. The 2017 Women’s March, started by just a few, spread like wildfire to more than 4 million women who marched to turn their frustration into positive action.

We see it in our communities. Feeding America launched in the early 1960s to combat hunger. One person’s passion to feed the hungry in Chicago became a nationwide community-supported network of 200 food banks currently feeding 46 million people every year.

When great minds come together, it’s powerful.

It’s Time For a Creator Collective.

Creators are self-made. From the smallest influencer all the way to Oprah, we’ve grown from an idea to a brand with devoted followers worldwide. We’ve built businesses by sharing our passion.

But what if we could do even more? How could the leading Creators — the experts — all benefit by banding together? What would that even look like?

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Expert lifestyle content beautifully organized in a single destination for fans. No ads to pollute the experience. No brands or consumers allowed to post.
  • More than 1 Billion fans. 5x the size of Vogue, Houzz, HGTV, Better Homes & Garden, and Food Network combined.
  • More than 100 Million monthly posts. 15x the scale of the Top 20 Food, Fashion, Fitness and Home Decor publishers combined.
  • Even more power and influence with Brands. Brands want to be included in premium experiences with as many eyeballs watching as possible. When you can leverage 1 Billion fans, you control the conversation.

Inspo for Everyone.

This spring we are launching a new destination centered around the world’s leading expert lifestyle creators.

This means ad-free content easily accessible by hundreds of millions of fans. In fact, top creators across fashion, beauty, food, fitness and home categories have all joined — who have a collective audience of more than 250 million fans.

All content on the Inspo Platform is created by expert influencers like you. You just keep doing what you do best. We simply pull in all your content from the platforms where you’re already posting — Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Twitter, and even your blog. This way, you will still receive all the traffic, likes, comments, ad revenue, and affiliate sales on your existing platforms.

Oh, and all of these posts that are pulled into Inspo? They will all be shoppable. Everything you create has the potential to make you money and you will share in the revenue Inspo directly generates.

Creators First — a lesson from Spotify.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of a creators-first approach is Spotify. They didn’t just transform the industry forever — they became the music industry.

They did this by putting artists first and giving consumers a better way to find music they love while discovering new music.

Artists were given a seat at the table to participate in both their own success and the overall success of Spotify, giving avid music lovers control over their own listening experience.

At Inspo, we’re taking a cue from that same playbook. We know that we are only as successful as our creators. So we’re obsessed with providing a new experience that guarantees creators are rewarded for their hustle and participate in the overall success of the business.

This is Inspo.

Ready to learn more about what we’re building and how to be apart of it?

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