Can we eradicate sexual assault and harassment at all?

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2 min readAug 24, 2021


Stalking — November 25 is the international day against domestic violence. This photo was taken in Bonn, displaying the work of an artist.
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Reports on sexual misconduct and harassment have been placed under the spotlight in recent years, ranging from discussions on cases emerging from tertiary institutions, workplace harassment and victims speaking up on social media.

OPPi was used as a diagnostic tool in multiple recent surveys to actively engage participants and crowdsource their opinions regarding this issue. In this snap analysis blog post, we want to uncover if there were suggestions and ideas that show how we can potentially address the issue of sexual assault and harassment in society.

From our findings, there were a plethora of views and micro-insights, which were subsequently clustered into various categories of (1) workplace, (2) sexual relationships and consent, (3) education, (4) legal justice system, and (5)individual subjective experiences.

To grant these different topics the sensitivity and depth that they deserve, we examined individual comments left by participants and manually categorised them according to different themes.

In the following visualisations, each dot represents a comment and its colour corresponds to how people voted with respect to the statement. You may mouse over each dot to read the comments, or select the arrows to toggle between statements.

  1. Workplace

2. Sexual relationships and consent

3. Sex education

4. Legal justice system

5. Individual subjective experience

While most statements share a large degree of consensus among participants, the comments reveal a greater level of insight into how participants think. While people’s voting stances may be different, there are commonalities in the concerns and perspectives surrounding these issues. Some of the comments proposed alternative solutions, such as reforming sex education by moving beyond the concept of abstinence or raising awareness for effective bystander intervention. However, these alternate solutions should not be viewed in silos.

At the end of the day, this analysis showcases how sexual assault and harassment is immensely multifaceted and complex, spanning from micro-level interactions to larger societal structures of our legal or education systems. Therefore, a comprehensive and collective approach in tackling this issue head-on is required.

Though broad in scope, this snap analysis provides a brief snapshot of the existing landscape of sentiments surrounding sexual misconduct.

We hope that each of these topics and themes could then serve as a launching pad for deeper, better conversations in addressing the issue comprehensively.


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