Media, The Divine Law

Antigone’s claim as written by Judith Butler, speaks of a divine law. It is set by Creon which can be compared to the representation of the ruling class values. The idea when you go against these set values you will be considered a deviant. Some examples of these social constructs are fashion, music, diet, body, size and shapes.

Media dictates or imposes values and norms onto people instead of individuals constructing their own worldview outside of imposing media influences. However, we must reverse this view of a docile mind from being easily influenced and instead take this as a window of opportunity for self determination. If people allow ourselves to fight for individualism and take initiative in challenging hierarchical authoritative structures, we can break through these perceived modes of influence and instead create outlets for others to identify their own style or favorite music.

With the rise in different media outlets and methods in which individuals can define themselves, we all have the opportunity to be our own Antigone. We must take a stand in knowing what is truly right to us and that is the right to individuality.

We have taken the role of Ismene and have become more docile to media influences. There are new mediums in which we can express and embrace our individuality because we are not alone in our journey to find ourselves.

As Eleanor Roosevelt has eloquently phrased it, if we want to make a difference for ourselves whether we were male or female, we must step of out of our comfort zone and ditch these social constructs that dictate how we want to be identified. Instead we should seek those mediums that can help us discover ourselves.

We must step out of these blurred ideas and standards of beauty and masculinity. Where images of contoured faces and protein packed bodies cloud our social media and combine into this uniform and standardized form of being, and instead we must create a spectrum that cannot only benefit us but any young mind that is trying to fight any social infliction's.