Men are Evil?

We live in a society that treats men and women very differently. According to a chart made by, it show that in 2014 women only make 79% the wage of what men make, while working the same job. While the the chart have definitely improve since 1974 when women only make 59% the wage compare to men. It takes 40 years for a 10% increase, at this rate it would take another 80 years for women to be making the same wages as men. For most women, men are obviously an easy target to be blame. We are the one who benefited; we are the one who created this. I think the real target lie behind something more complex.

In Friedrich Nietzsche’s Geneology of Morals, he uses the birds of prey and lambs as example to explain what good and bad.

“And if the lambs say among themselves: “these birds of prey are evil; and whoever is least like a bird of prey, but rather its opposite, a lamb-would he not be good?” ”

Society view on a person is form as soon as the gender can be assign to that person. Parents who were expecting to have a boy will instantly start to decorate their house for the baby. They paint their boy room red or blue and fill it with different race cars and action figures. On the other hand, parents that is expecting to have a baby girl, painted their girl room pink and buys dresses and Barbie toys. Most parents don’t realize like why they assume that boys like cars and girls like dolls, it is what society tells them. These might seem innocent and harmless, however it instantly affect the infants. Parents who assume what society thinks about what their baby want just because of baby gender will give their kids the first lesson about gender; society treat you differently because of your gender. As a kid we were all raise differently, mostly because of the different morality that our parents have. Growing up, we also experienced many moral issues that affected our own way of viewing the world. If we are raised and taught to act differently because of our gender who is to blame? Men are just following what society think they should do.

As a metaphor I would like to talk about the presidential candidates Donald Trump, these past months, he had made many controversial statements. Many people despise him for his stance on immigration while many people actually support him. Donald Trump continues to gain supporters as the election approaches. So why is he is consider to be a bad person by a group of people while the other wanted him to be the president of the United States? This all come down to whether you think he is good or bad? But what classify a person so he can be both classified as bad and good? To answer that first we must ask what is good and bad? That is a century old question, many great philosophers had spent countless hours analyzing and evaluating this question. For a person, their morality is what helps him or her distinguish what is good or bad. A person morality is form at a very young age, and it is a continue process that evolve according to that person environment. So in that case, it is not a surprise that people can be view as good by a group while bad by another. Having said that, are any of these people are to be blame for their view on the presidential candidate? They are the one who benefited.