okay ladies, now..

At this day in age, it amazes me how controversial things can get. The power of the social media platform reaches new heights everyday. The power some individuals think they have by bashing on other people’s choices and forms of expression can get a little out of hand.

let’s get in formation..

Beyonce has always been an iconic female in American culture. From her stylish looks, to her empowering performances; I rarely heard any negative bashing her way for the years she’s been part of our American pop culture.

And then all of a sudden… her newest single Formation and it’s debut appearance during the Superbowl halftime show has caused a myriad of controversy. The backlash that has been stirring all month amazes me, for decades Beyonce has been so admirable for her voice and forms of expression then society has somehow forgotten about all that she has been and has turned her form of expression and support and has criticized it into a negative strike. Critics range from a sheriff in Tennessee that believes police deaths are connected to her video.. because i’m sure this is the first incident where we’ve had police shootings related to backlash. And some people think Beyonce forgot that she was part of the black race.. and so she finally decided be black.

There was even a protest, in front of NFL headquarters, protesting against Beyonce’s Superbowl performance because she was supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement… can we all take a second to realize how ridiculous it sounds to be upset about that. To be upset that she supports an empowering movement that gives people a voice and a means to connect with others that experience the same types of oppression.. The timing of releasing her single Formation is obviously on purpose, during Black History Month and supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement wasn’t a coincidence.

And to tie her performance wardrobe choice to supporting the 1960’s Black Panther movement really shouldn’t be an issue. The whole support system the black community has experienced for decades has and always will be their way to voice the experiences they endure that other racial groups just don’t understand. To allow her to connect all the support systems and voice her support for a powerful movement.. all she really is doing is using her words as weapons.

Beyonce just wanted to make a powerful statement during the pivotal month in our American society. By all means she is out there and has a voice louder than others, and to take advantage of that to support the decrease in violence and equality of all humans shouldn’t be as big of an issue as others are making it.