The Body is such a Powerful Tool

Activism is played out in many ways in order to express freedom of speech and justice. There are petitions, boycotts, litigation, grassroots activism, and direct action if it leads to that. Beyonce Knowles although didn’t perform boycotts, and petitions she did however, take a stand in the 2016 super bowl to show support for Black Lives Matter, etc. Beyonce Knowles expressed anger, and passion in her performance to a community she knew was watching. It has been a little over a week and social media are debating both sides of the issue #BoycottBeyonce. Although many people look up to Beyonce and support her with this performance, many are against her as well. Beyonce has become an activist in the public eye and people are just waiting for her next stunt.

Another strong body activist was a trans woman named Marsha P. Johnson who became an important face to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community in New York City. Marsha believed that these people who wanted nothing more, but to be accepted deserved support from the growing LGBT community in New York. Marsha was recognized by being herself and fearing no judgment of the harassment and ridicule of dressing and living as a woman; while having the masculine features of a man. Marsha however, did live several hardships as a transgender individual. She as well as others who struggled with their transgender identity faced many hardships such as living in the streets and having financial problems.

People of course would question her gender and when people would ask her what her middle name was, she would reply, “Pay it no mind.” Her response was so inspiring because people would wonder if Marsha was indeed a woman or male. We live in a society where identifying gender is very important and if we don’t know what your gender is it would raise questions and discomfort.

Similarly to Beyonce, Marsha also used her body as a performance of activism by the clothing she wore. Marsha was known for her exotic creativity in clothing such as hats and jewelry which stood out to the public and attracted attention. Her clothing would represent who she truly is and how she wants others to see her. In her clothing she is Marsha.

Marsha was a strong female activist who founded STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries)which was devoted to help homeless and runaway transgender individuals to build a safe and accepting community for them. Another activist group that Marsha was part of was the Gay Liberation Front (GLF). The GLF was formed to provide protection for citizens based on their gender status. Marsha was a female activist who was very devoted to acceptance of herself and others alternative lifestyle.

Today activists everywhere as well as Beyonce and Marsha are facing/faced harsh judgments due to their spread of awareness and political stand. Beyonce’s performance was very powerful as well as her music video because it supported black lives matter, etc. In social media people believe that Beyonce stole the show by her activism performance of the body even though others might disagree. Apparently, people are upset at the message Beyonce spread across such as Marsha and the image she represented. People just as the past are not always going to be accepted of your life choices and political stand. We are all clouded by our judgments and personal perceptions of what we believe is right. I personally believe that everyone should be entitled of their own opinion and beliefs because there is no right or wrong.

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