The Missing Creator

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Being born Catholic, I was thought that a creator have made us and everything around us. When I was fourteen I change my belief to Mormon without questioning the existence of our creator. As I became older, I felt a gap in this creation system which religion try to fill it with faith. They argue that faith make you move mountains. This is true. I experience firsthand the miracle of faith. My uncle in law was a preacher to which he did not do anything else than preach. His house was up in a hill where he bought it using faith money. A few years after, by the power of faith, he brought the whole hill to ground level. After I graduated from high school, I was sent into a mission by the church that I used to practice. During that time, my hunger of knowledge grew so large to the point that I had to come back home before the due period was over. Now days I have an understanding of such hunger to which I become a protestant body.

In my search for truth, I felt into forgetfulness to which my whole knowledge was suppress. Nietzsche points out that “Forgetfulness is not just a vis inertiae, as superficial people believe, but is rather an active ability to suppress”. This forgetfulness did not allow me to view things differently. For instance, when we are born our whole universe is small but still incomprehensible. In another world, we are tabula rasa a blank slate that get molded by everything around us. This molding includes religion since our ancestors practiced it and passed it down from generation to generation. If a decedent try to get out from this cycle, the whole family to turn their back on them. Many of us try to fill our tabula rasa with a different belief, but the fear of forgetfulness imposed by society make us think twice before act.

As one number grows, the other decent. The world belief pie shown in this article was totally different many years ago. The third largest part of this pie is unaffiliated population which has increase largely making them some type of protestant body. So what could make a person move from Christianity, Muslim, or Hindu into unaffiliated? There are many factors that drive the eager to change one’s belief. For example, forgetfulness is driving machine that people say enough.

As a protestant body, it is hard to express your feelings freely with people that are not at your same level since human nature is to be afraid of the unknown. When I tell a religious person that I am atheist, the first thing they do is to attack me like if we are in a battle and I am on the losing side. To defend myself, I have become an expert in phycology. By using the power of the brain, I let religious people know that I respect every belief just to settle them down, but the reality is different; I disgust all religion because they are all build on the same principle which is the missing Creator. Some people had called me “the devil” like if they were offending me, but they just amuse me because if you stop believing in a creator, then you stop believing in his nemesis. If people like to be a docile body, then they will take everything that religion teach as truth. There will be no room for questioning or to make sense of what being learn is true or false; in another word, their tabula rasa is full from birth.

As an atheist, you have to question everything. There should be no room for doubt, so without proof a theory will always remain a theory. There are many unanswered questions like how we were made? Or if there is life after death? All what can I say is that do not stress out over little things that no one knows the answer. Do not relay on faith because as we saw earlier that faith is not the answer to the unknown. Let time be the dictator of knowledge because more discoveries are made as time progress. As humanity we have done well with the missing Creator, and we will continue to progress without him. We are a young species in this universe to which there are still many things that needs to be discover. Do not let no one close your eyes because there is always more then what you think.