What is freedom?


When I think of the word freedom, I think of the United States of America, I think of the freedom of speech, I think about the freedom of religion and everything that I have heard about from teachers, professors, or heard about in media. Sure we might have more freedom than other countries and people might have more freedom than we used to have 50 years ago but we are still not completely free.

I feel like I have been lied to, manipulated, and brain washed to think that I am free. I feel like I am free but am I really free? Am I just told that I am free in this country. I was always told I was in the land of the free and because of that I left free but I never took the time to think what freedom really meant until i learned the differences between a docile body and a activist body. This was when I realized that I was not free at all. Common traits of a docile body are people who are in a schedule, like a soldier, wake up at a certain time and follow orders, being submissive. Needing to be improved, transformed as if we need to be fixed because we are faulty. I never thought I was submissive, I felt like I was in control of my life and I did what I wanted but then I thought about our daily lives. We sleep, work, eat, go to school, at specific times meaning we are not completely free in that sense. Yes, we can choose not to go work but we would be looked down upon by society as useless, lazy, bums. Not only that but we would not have money and we have been told we need money to be happy. We could choose not to go to school, we could learn on our own, at our own pace, but that is also looked down upon and even if you were the smartest person in the world, you would be missing the piece of paper that says you are smart.

I recently watched a video on Marsha P. Johnson, and I feel she was as free as you could be. She was free to do what ever she wanted. She could wear what she wanted, look however she wanted to look like and was able to ignore all the insults and criticisms she got from people. She had little to no money, she did not own a home but she was as happy as she could be. The best thing about her freedom and happiness was that it was contagious. Everyone around her knew her and loved her. Where ever she went she brought joy to the people around her. She did not have to prove anything to anyone and she was loved either way. Marsha P. Johnson was singer, not the best singer but that did not matter to anyone. In her mind she was a superstar, and just feeling like a superstar made her one.

A truly exceptional free woman.

To be truly free we need to be more like Marsha P. Johnson. We need to have an activist body. We need to free from the mind and with that we can truly be free.