“Transformation starts from believing — believing that you are destined for greatness and fulfilling your life’s purpose.”

My life has been full of transformations. Through the years, I’ve always thought I carried the world. That I’m responsible for caring for my parents, my family and friends, employees and business partners and even strangers. Recently, through the guidance of mentors and Spirit, I’ve learned that most of the baggage that I’ve been carrying throughout my 38 years of life are not mine. This load has been passed on from familial generations. How did I know?

As Spirit and my mentors guided me through these past few months, I had a huge awakening and realized that some of the actions that I did in the past were not my true self. Behaviors that I’ve learned from my parents that were passed on to them by their parents from their grandparents. These behaviors intertwined and webbed me. I was entangled in so much confusion and it inhibited me from seeing my true identity. This on top of the fast pace world created a false illusion of an identity that it wanted me to see. When I realized that all it was doing was creating disharmony inside, I finally had an awakening. I needed to stop. I needed to stop looking at this false image as I stare at my dark brown eyes reflected in the mirror. That I needed to break free from and transform into my true being.

Transformation starts from believing — believing that you are destined for greatness and fulfilling YOUR life’s purpose. My destiny and my life’s purpose became the driver of my soul. That in order for me to see greatness in others, I needed to see my own true light. That my soul feels whole when I feed myself. And when I feed myself, I’m able to do more for myself and those around me. That my actions are not my actions… but simply Spirit’s plan for the world. The familial load is placed in the backseat not allowed to maneuver my direction in any way. It is placed where it needed to be. Transformation allows us to become the true beacons of ourselves. Beacons of love and generosity. Of trust and honesty. Of faith and strength. Of believing in ourselves.

Transformations opens our hearts so we can feed our souls. It allows grace to feed us deep inside so we can stand firm when obstacles come our way. It allows us to believe in the image reflected when we look at ourselves in the mirror. It allows us security and understanding of our life’s purpose. When you allow yourself to transform daily, you allow your true beauty to shine.