What is purpose?

Many of us yearn for a more meaningful life. Why? Because the life we now lead often feels a bit aimless, empty, and pointless.

However, few of us have been able to frame what our life of meaning would look and feel like, nor have we been able to summon up the energy needed to transform the situation we find ourselves in into a life that truly matters.

Enter purpose: a powerful tool for personal development and transformation. But what is purpose? How does it come about? How does it work?

Purpose is a guiding light
on the path to a meaningful life

Purpose takes shape when you tap into the latent power of your inner spirit — an innate bundle of positive energy long since buried by the multitude of your life experiences, both good and bad.

Muted and frustrated by this unfortunate incarceration, your spirit yearns to help you set a new path and bring new meaning to your life.

When you do the necessary work to navigate beyond what is holding you back, this energy starts to flow. As it blends with your understanding of life in this moment, a new path opens up.

This path is shaped by your best intentions, your noblest dreams, and your natural human desire to make a positive difference for others.

Hovering over this path is your purpose — a statement in which you take responsibility for positive outcomes for others as much as yourself.

Purpose is not a rulebook to obey or a GPS to follow blindly. It doesn’t lead to a specific destination, doesn’t tell you every step to take along the way, and doesn’t smooth the bumps you are likely to encounter along the way.

What purpose does is tell you how to look about yourself, how to see things anew, and how to act, react, and interact with both the world you live in, and the universe you increasingly find yourself a part of.

As such, purpose is the embodiment of the positive energy of your inner spirit, a helping hand as your find your way along the path to meaning, and a force that keeps drawing you closer and closer to the ways you can help others in this world.

And that, at last, is the true reward of a purpose-led life: the gratification, the nourishment, the reinforcement, and the joy that is only achieved by knowing you have, in your unique way, served the unmet needs of others.

I help people find a new path to meaning by guiding them through a self-exploration process that leads to a purpose statement and a memorable promise that will help you take the first steps on the path to a more meaningful and gratifying life.

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