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Hello Medium traveller,

Welcome to Your Science, a publication devoted to those whom wish to read stories within the scientific realm, as well as those who long to write them. If you are a member of the latter group, then I believe you are in the right place. If not, well, you can give this a read anyway.

We live in an era of scientific uncertainty — a period where leaders in society are sowing the seeds of anti-science thought, where pill-pushers and quacks dominate advertising and where thoroughly researched science is disregarded in the name of anecdote. Those who provide well-researched scientific content for the public are needed now more than ever.

In spirit of the above, this publication will accept pieces which are about any branch of science: contemporary, historical, health, physics, futurism: you name it. All that is requested of potential writers is to reference well — it is essential to provide readers with a foundation to your statements. Otherwise, as writers we risk being no better than those who spew pseudoscience for a living. Opinion matters — but after fact.

Finally, of course a well-written piece is important, so here are a few guidelines:

  1. A word count of 500–1000 words is preferable. It makes for easy reading within a 3–6 minute period.
  2. Please include, at the very least, a header image for your post. It is also advisable to include other images, that are relevant, within your post; as this makes for reading breaks throughout. Please do make sure you check the copyright policy of images before using, and if none can be found, reference accordingly. Here is an image copyright guideline.

And that’s it really, the rest is up to you. Please submit your story to, and include:

  • A link to your Medium profile.
  • A link to the story you wish to submit.
  • A two sentence bio.

Thanks for visiting and for your interest in Your Science.



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