BYOD Apocalypse

Weyman Holton
Jul 1, 2019 · 6 min read

App Stores Untrustworthy / Card Giant Hacked / Amazon Taxes / Church Edicts For Social Media / Tech Headlines

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Listen to the author read

Evan Schuman: Message to IT: Trusting Apple and Google for mobile app security is career suicide

Read how over at ComputerWorld.

Danny Bradbury: Cloud computing giant PCM hacked

An exit point to crypto? What PII is at risk? Despite California’s strict notification laws there are many questions remaining in this article over at Sophos’ NakedSecurity blog.


Check out this feature article from The Verge for more.

John Oates: What would Jesus tweet? Church of England hands down commandments for Anglicans on social media

There are more guidelines over at The Register.

Other headlines of interest:

Samsung’s Bixby Marketplace launches in the US and South Korea Engadget

Crave that Instagram verified badge? Don’t fall for this login-stealing scam NakedSecurity

Business security in the age of malicious bots HelpNet Security

Fake noise will be added to new electric cars starting today in the EU The Verge

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Your Tech Moment™

Commentary on technology, telecom & security in our information age

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