Getting organized and forecasting are popular this time of year, and I would definitely recommend planning out your goals a month, quarter and year ahead. Whatever system works best for you, taking the time to at least outline the coming year can calm your mind and bring to light hidden roadblocks.

But here is where a problem emerges. If you take all your well-intentioned to-dos from the previous year and try to stuff them into your current calendar, your system won’t serve you very well.

It’s as if you were cleaning out your closet. Make sure to empty it out entirely, and then decide which items go back and in what capacity. Which tasks drain you? Can you let them go? Which ones are distracting you from your real work? Which ones no longer align with your brand, strategy or purpose in business? What space will these take up in your current schedule?

Take time to mourn past ideas that never came to fruition, but know that with each release you are becoming more clear on what you do need to achieve your goals. Try saying no more often, cull your to-do lists, and make the hard decisions you need to make. What you end up with is a focused heart and an easier path ahead.


Way too many of my friends, family and clients have had losses and hardships this year and my heart aches for them. With each story I hear, I am continually reminded how short life is, and how important it is to cherish it and each other.

Have you noticed during painful times in your life that your motivations became clearer? That in trying situations, trivial problems and worries are brushed aside when you realize what your focus really should be?

Difficult circumstances and events build intention into what we seek, leading us to how we can act purposefully. Reminders (good or bad) tint how we see the world and what we strive for. It’s these important moments that help write our stories.

Be present and observant of where you stand right now as it may help you gain perspective further down the road. Sometimes seeing the world’s facets of beauty with clarity can bring you peace and insight.


“The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity,
 and with clarity comes conviction and true originality.”
 ― Conan O’Brien, Dartmouth Commencement Speech


Create a list of ideas, to-dos, thoughts and obligations that no longer serve you this year. Say goodbye and ceremoniously burn them — sending them into the ether.

They are meant for someone else to enjoy.