My 15 Minutes of Fame Are Over

It didn’t last long, but it did feel good.

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

Yes! Finally! I did it! Yesterday my latest story, The Mystery of Curation, managed to accumulate the most views and most claps of any of my articles. It was published in The Writers Cooperative and it wasn’t even curated! Yes, I’m one of those newbies who still looks at his states quite often. And when I did yesterday I was elated, as I watched the views, the reads, the comments and the claps increase steadily. It was published late on Wednesday evening and by Thursday evening it was my top performer. I was walking on air.

I felt proud,…

I was so used to publishing something new and watch the stats start to move and then fizzle out, so I sort of expected the same with this article. Shortly after it was published it began to attract viewers and claps and I was excited that its popularity would continue. Because it dealt with curation I had little hope it was curated and it wasn’t. It had a life of its own, without a boost from the curators, and I felt proud. I felt proud,but I knew the notoriety wouldn’t last.

And I was right.

Whenever I published an article that did quite well, according to my standards, it seemed to have a very short shelf life, so to speak. Usually within 24 to 48 hours, all of the life of the article appeared to be sucked out. I don’t know if this happens to others though. Sure, the views and reads would continue sporadically, but the claps completely die, along with hopes for its success. So I wasn’t entertaining any false hopes for an extended life for this article. And I was right.

I can still make a splash in the pool!

Two days later it was back to stasis and it became part of my writing history. I knew it would happen and I wasn’t depressed. I even planned on writing this story about my 15 minutes of fame, or better yet 2 days of fame. To better and more experienced writers this story probably doesn’t resonate at all, but to me it gave me some glitter of hope, short lived as it may have been. I have proven to myself that yes I can do it. I’m not going to be famous or enormously successful in the writing community, but I don’t plan to be. I just want to be assured that at my advancing age I can still make a splash in the pool!