My Most Popular Articles Are About Writing.

But I know nothing about the art!

Stephen Sovie
Sep 30, 2019 · 3 min read
Image by Thomas Skirde from Pixabay

It kills me that when I publish articles about my personal experiences writing on Medium or about writing my blogs, they are by far more successful than the articles I write about my other, more personal life experiences. I put a great deal of time, thought, and effort into my essays, where I oftentimes express my deepest feelings, only to see them languish in Medium purgatory, or worse, hell. Yet I can quickly rip off an article about Medium in no time, and it’s successful. By successful, I mean a higher number of views, claps, and fans.

I believe that when I write about Medium I hit a nerve with writers on Medium, especially new writers. I have observed that when analyzing the statistics for my articles I see that the vast majority of views on Medium related articles come from within Medium. But when I look at more personal articles I have published, which are not related to writing on Medium, more often than not, the larger number of views come from outside Medium.

Remembering back to when I first started writing on this platform, I spent a great deal of time searching for articles about being successful on Medium. I read all the articles on how much money some authors made and how they did it. I read about how to attract followers and how to make stories go viral. I’ve read about how important it is to find a niche and how you have to write and publish every day. A lot of it was helpful, but a lot of it was also bullshit. What works for some people, doesn’t work for everyone.

I don’t read those Medium success stories, anymore, but I do read the ones where the author has stopped trying to emulate the more successful and more experienced authors and has finally accepted themselves as separate entities. I realized halfway through my first year on Medium that I didn’t want to become addicted to this platform and stress out over “finding success on Medium”.

It amazes me that when I write about writing, so many people read and clap for my articles like I was an expert on writing. The truth is I don’t know shit about writing! I know about reef tanks, cytology, pathology, animals, and history, but I don’t write about those topics. Writing about them, for me, would be as boring as people trying to read them.

As long as I earn my $5 monthly membership fee I am happy. Everything else, money, claps, views, and curations, is just icing on my cupcake. As I have said before, I write when I want to write and about what I want to write. Sometimes I’m in a pissy mood and I want to bitch about something, especially something that doesn’t always make sense to me. That’s when I write about Medium. And when I do this I usually see an increase in my views and claps and I’m re-motivated to write on other topics. It’s like getting a Vitamin B12 shot for a hangover!

I must admit that at times I get depressed when I see the large number of views the majority of my articles receive outside of Medium, as compared to those from Medium members. The feelings of depression come from the knowledge that thousands of views do not translate into a single penny. It’s almost the same as not earning any money from writing my blogs. If it was only possible to earn money from those views!

Even as I write this article at least 10 new articles have been published on the subject of writing on Medium. Most likely this article will garner a fair number of views and claps, unlike some of my other articles, and I will have earned a bit of change for my less than heroic endeavors. This will allow me to to get back on track to write other pieces that are more meaningful, at least to me. I’ll stick to writing about what I know, even though it isn’t that profitable, but at least it’s fulfilling.

Stephen Sovie

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A liberal retiree who loves writing about politics, social issues, my pets and my life experiences. My husband and I are proud dog daddies!

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