Netflix’s ‘The Ranch’, Season 7 Relentlessy Breaks Your Heart

The Ranch already has a record of shocking you and breaking your heart, but Season 7 is relentless in its reflection of real life.

Colin Wood
Sep 14 · 6 min read
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Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliot, Elisha Cuthbert, and Megyn Price writhe and twist through the toughest roles they’ve ever played, and Season 7 of The Ranch doesn’t give up in mirroring how tough true life can really be.

When we left off

Season 6 of Netflix’s The Ranch finished off with Abby and Cole splitting up, Mary fighting a drug habit, Beau battling with his relationships, and working for Lisa Neumann, and Rooster apparently dead.

These are only a few of the main stories that left us hanging at the end of Season 6. So, when I began watching Season 7 yesterday, the opening catch-up scenes reminded me how tough this show is too watch, how close to home it sometimes hits and left me wondering what good or horrible things could be coming up in the first half of the newly released season.

A brief look at Season 7 (Warning: Will contain some plot information)

In most of my reviews of movies, I leave out the plot and any big pieces of information that might blow it for those who haven’t seen something, yet.

However, this is a review, and for the first time, I want to warn your heart and soul of a few things, without giving away too much. To do that, I want to set up a few things that occur, and omit the results.

We pick up with Abby and Cole working on being separated and dealing with splitting parenting rights. All I’ll say about this part of the plot is that it is a tough ride throughout the first 10 episodes, and you will ride a rollercoaster of emotions over their relationship if you are obsessed with it as much as I am.

Just a small note on why that is for me, at least. I have followed all of Elisha Cuthbert’s career since 24, into her role as a lesbian named Lizzy on her short-run comedy show One Big Happy. Oddly enough, she was pregnant in that role, as well.

Admittedly, although I am probably old enough to be her dad, I have had a crush on her throughout her career. She is a great actress and really allows her adorable personality to shine through, even when portraying someone who might not be in the right.

We watch her seesaw up and down with her emotions, and feelings, and expectations for Cole. Their relationship is one of the main themes in the plotline, and let’s just say that it is not resolved by the end of episode 10.

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One of the stories takes on a real ugly character. Mary, Rooster’s ex-girlfriend, delved into the drug life in Season 6 after Rooster’s death. Throughout all 10 episodes, we are throttled with the incredible seriousness, dangers, and insanity of getting caught up in drugs.

Having just gone through watching someone very close to me fight this dreaded addiction myself, this was one of the toughest parts of the show to watch, and I warn you to be prepared for the surprises that come with that story.

You are in for a surprise when it comes to the character of Beau Bennett. It seems as if we’ve basically only seen a mean, tough, gruff and very serious character who isn’t really big on kindness, emotions, happiness, or showing love to anyone, including his own relatives.

Be ready for a huge change in that factor, and for some incredibly acted scenes by this historical veteran of film and television.

Then, there’s Lisa Neumann. The darkness of her personality and uncouth manner, and capitalistic driven greediness does not let up in the first half of this new season.

Cole and Lisa go head to head a few times and someone makes a disastrous choice that could ruin their business and their life. Being a Netflix show, the language and insults between these two are rotten to the core and shows the worst of both characters. Yet, you shouldn’t find it too hard to choose sides, unless you're a money-monger, yourself.

There are a few other small stories behind the scenes and a couple of big situations I will save for your viewing. But, I can tell you that this stunning, heart-pounding half of a season leaves us with a whodunnit, Dallas style, and a resounding, WTF???

You will be yelling at your screen of choice for the next episode after you realize you just binged the whole thing in one day and didn’t notice you were on the final episode of the fall. Grrrrrrr.

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A few closing thoughts and feelings

The photo above looks like it makes no sense here. I assure you it is exactly how you will feel as the credits roll when the gun…oops, don’t want to give too much away.

If you have a tough time dealing with life some people, some writers, and some reviewers might warn you to stay away from watching this season. They are probably the same kind of folks who warn you not to watch 13 Reasons Why.

These are the kind of humans who want to ignore reality, deny the truth, and either pretend life isn’t that hard, or judge those who’s lives look like the situations in The Ranch.

Whether you have a good life, a bad life, or are just toughing it out like the majority of us, this is a perfect show to watch. It can help you recognize failures in your life, personality problems, and how to and not to handle these harsh moments in life.

I find it to be therapeutic, just as I did with 13 Reasons Why. There are many lessons to learn, ideas on how to work through trouble properly, and most important of all, the best way to deal with others in resolving conflict.

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Cut out the time in one of your days for this one

Well, that guy doesn’t exactly look comfortable, but you get my gist. I promise you that every episode will end with you clicking through to get to the next episode while avoiding the credits and opening song.

Make time in one of your days off, get some munchies and your favorite beverages, grab a pal if you want, and set up in your most comfortable spot for 600 minutes of laughing, smiling, frowning, crying, gasping, and depending on your own personality, maybe a little yelling at the screen.

Season 7, The Ranch, is a rodeo ride that never stops trying to buck you off your expectations, and you will probably find yourself guessing wrong over and over again as I did. That’s very rare for me. I kept waiting for what I wanted to happen, but alas, none of it did. You won’t be let down, except for the sad fact that there’s only one part left to come, and it’ll be all over. Iron Ranch will close its doors to the public. Enjoy! Until Season 8…

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