The Added Aid

The Added Aid

Earlier today, as I was engrossed in work, on my laptop, I heard loud bouts of my youngest canine son and rushed to his aid. His body was shaking as he continued to cough and it sounded like he was choking. I loosened his collar, removed his food from his reach and kept only the bowl of water accessible to him. He continued to cough in intervals, sipping on some water. Meanwhile, it struck me to capture a video of him, so that I could send it to his vet for diagnosis. As soon as I had gathered enough footage, I sent the video clips via WhatsApp and called the doctor. Immediately, the kind Dr Lohith, asked me to give him an Avil and bring him to the clinic, if the cough continued. I must admit that I was in a state of panic because it’s almost impossible to fathom what the little guy could have nibbled to cause this kind of reaction. As soon as he ate the Avil (it’s an herculean task to get little Val to pop a pill), he was fine. Throughout this incident, Valour was calm and wagging his tail, reassuring me that there’s nothing to worry. Besides my baby, who kept calm, my dad, who assured me there’s nothing to worry about, my mom who kept the pill handy (and who writes the expiry date on all meds in bold, so that we never end up giving or taking an expired med in a hurry, even by mistake), my two maids who helped me handle him, his elder two siblings who stayed put to ensure he has access and the helpful doctor, who guided me, I have services like WhatsApp to thank, profusely, because, with such app, the barriers and boundaries caused by time and distance are diminishing. Upfront, it’s hard to say if such situations are serious or not, but to be able to get an expert opinion, without moving an inch, within few minutes is priceless. Of course we also have the network providers and smartphone makers to thank as they look at improving speed and affordability, constantly. Sure, social media may have its drawbacks but in most cases, it’s truly a blessing that helps us connect to people swiftly and reach out for help. Plus, the internet, especially the likes of Google give us the primary information we need, right here on our smartphones. The Internet of Things is surely more of a boon than a bane — I really am grateful to technology.

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