Gigs & Rewards

Let’s lay the foundations of a real community-centered project.

To lay the foundations of the project, the first community members advertised “Gigs & Rewards” on a dedicated Telegram Channel. The idea was to gather additional skills (technical, marketing, design, writing…) to community-build the ecosystem from scratch. Various community volunteers have been rewarded with YFD Tokens for their unvaluable contribution (details on Telegram Channel and Etherscan).

Remember: YFD is a token issued without any value, initially a zero value token. Its value increase thanks to value created by the community in YfDFI Finance ecosystem. So, it’s a good start to reward early volunteers with a governance token that is gaining in value day after day thanks to community contribution (kind of community-value backed token).

To make it possible, 2000 YFD tokens have been reserved for “Gigs & Rewards”. A public wallet available for consultation is holding and distributing those tokens to early volunteers responding to “Gigs & Rewards” calls and delivering the expected results.

In the near future, a fully decentralized rewards distribution system will be put in place. For this, we will rely on the DFI.Governance voting system and the DFI.Ventures community fund. The combination of these two solutions will firstly allow us to community-vote improvements to fund, and secondly to be able to unlock funds from the community fund.



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