Introducing Family Places

Save the places most important to your Family, whatever those may be…

Here at Kindred, we’re always listening to our users to see what we can do to bring them the updates that matter most to their families. With that, we’re proud to announce Kindred a feature we’ve been very excited about -we’re calling it Family Places.

Why is this cool?

Family Places are the places that matter most to your Kindred Family. For a lot of you, that may include home, work, school, etc. For others, like our founders, that may include places like Torchy’s Tacos (try the Trailer Park taco, it’s an experience!). By saving and labeling your Family Places, location information becomes more recognizable to your family. “Mary arrived at Home” is easier to understand at a glance than “Mary arrived at 723 Maple Drive”. “Billy departed Bobby’s House” is easier than “Billy departed 1200 S Elm St”.

On your Family Map, Kindred shows you the places that have been visited by your family — Visited Places. You may then save and label a Visited Place to create a Family Place. Visited Places disappear over time, and may be less important, like stopping at a random gas station once. Family Places are the ones you expect to be more frequented. Got it? Cool…oh wait, no? No problem, feel free to ask us on Twitter and we’ll provide more insights.

How do I create a Family Place?

In order to save a Family Place, follow these simple steps:

  1. On the Family Map, Tap a Visited Place, shown as small grey, circular seed icons
  2. Tap the grey heart icon to the left of the address name
  3. You can either provide a custom label for this Family Place, or just leave the assigned address as the label
  4. Once you’ve decided on a label, tap the “Save” button to save this new Family Place
  5. The map will now show a green leaf icon indicating a saved Family Place. If you tap the Family Place, the heart icon is now red.

How do I remove a Family Place?

Did you save an incorrect address, or change jobs, or simply no longer need a Family Place? No problemo, removing Family Places is just as easy as creating them. To remove a Family Place, follow these steps:

  1. Tap a Family Place, indicated with a green, circular leaf icon
  2. Tap the red heart icon to the left of the Family Place label
  3. You will have the option to update the label, or “Remove” the Family Place. Tap the “Remove” button to remove this Family Place.
  4. Once removed, your Family Place will no longer be saved, nor have a custom label associated with it. You and your family will no longer see it as a green leaf icon on your Family Map.


We hope you enjoy saving and labeling your family’s most important places! As always, if you have any comments, questions, new feature suggestions, or just want to chat, contact us either through our contact form, Twitter or Instagram. Hope you’re having a great summer!