Introducing Rich Notifications

Careful son!

We’re proud to announce that Kindred supports rich notifications! What are rich notifications? For an extremely detailed explanation, you can get at our technical founder, Danny Pier, but for our purposes here, rich notifications are a way for you to view greater details of a notification without ever opening the app! That means that when you get a notification from a family member moving about their day, you can 3D touch (or slide left on older iOS devices to “View” more options) and see where they’ve arrived or departed on a 3D map! You can also see an estimated time of arrival if you needed to meet up with them, surrounding landmarks, and a traffic overview.

We plan on continuing to work on this feature and make it more robust over time. Our goal is to provide Peace of Mind at a Glance. Rich notifications are just one more way to do that!


We hope you enjoy using rich notifications with Kindred, and that it makes things easier for you. As always, if you have any comments, questions, new feature suggestions, or just want to chat, contact us either through our contact form, Twitter or Instagram.