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Get your slice of $YOU on Bitcoin Pizza Day!

We are jumping onto the bandwagon and you should too!

Bitcoin Pizza Day?

22nd May 2021 marks the 11th anniversary of the first-ever recorded commercial Bitcoin transaction when Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas from Papa John’s. During that time, 1 BTC was only worth around 0.0041 USD. Today, we see a drastic change where 1 BTC is worth around 40,000 USD!

In April 2021, Bitcoin climbed to its highest value yet at USD 64,000. Can you imagine the valuation of Laszlo’s two pizza slices today? It’s an estimate of 630 million USD!

Back then, if Laszlo had made the payment via cash or credit card, he could have bought more than 31 million pizzas today, or 10,000 Tesla Model Ys. Maybe even 3,000 Lamborghinis! Whichever he prefers. Anyway, this historic pizza transaction has since become one of the biggest milestones in blockchain history, and May 22nd will be forever known as Bitcoin Pizza Day.

Grab a slice of Bitcoin Pizza Day with YouSwap!

Finally, the part you have all been waiting for. To celebrate this milestone, YouSwap will be dishing out 3,000 YOU! Claim your slice now!

Contest Deadline: 23rd May 2021 | 2359 (UTC+8)

Follow these 3 Steps to enter our giveaway:

  1. Retweet this post, tag @YouSwap_Global and 3 other people
  2. Follow @YouSwap_Global on Twitter
  3. Join our Telegram

By joining, you will stand a chance to win:

1st prize: 100 USDT & 100 YOU each

2nd prize: 50 USDT & 50 YOU each

3rd prize: 30 USDT & 30 YOU each

4th to 20th prize: 10 USDT & 10 YOU each

BONUS: Once we’ve hit 1000 retweets & 1000 new followers, we will be giving out 5 YOU tokens to the first 1000 fastest individuals who retweeted our post! Everyone likes the word “free”, so join now to win freebies! Good luck, keep calm and order pizza!


  • Winners will be contacted on both Twitter and Telegram for a confirmation of their BSC Wallet Addresses.
  • Multiple entries can be counted towards your chances in the draw.
  • However, each user will only be awarded 1 prize.

About YouSwap

YouSwap is a decentralised exchange that optimises the AMM model, integrates resources for liquidity and swap pricing, fast exchange speed, and has an innovative tokenomics model. YouSwap’s vision is to expand cross-chain functions and build a strong DeFi All-Eco product portfolio through DEX. A decentralised exchange that truly belongs to YOU.

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A DEX that optimises the AMM model, integrating resources for liquidity and swap pricing, increase exchange speed, and innovate the token economy model. YouSwap’s vision is to expand cross-chain functions and build a strong DeFi All-Eco product portfolio through DEX.

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An All-Eco DeFi decentralised exchange built on multiple public blockchains that truly belongs to you.

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