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YouSwap Global Twitter Ambassador Programme

About Us

YouSwap is an All-Eco DeFi decentralised exchange that’s built on multiple public blockchains that truly belongs to you. We are rapidly growing, and hence, we have decided to bring together all of our global fans together to be part of our Community Program and here’s how it works.

We’re looking for a diverse range of capabilities in a variety of areas to assist us take our project to new heights. We want to bring this energy together as our community is really involved and interested in what we’re building.

How long will this program be open?

This programme will be open for 6 months, starting from 1 July 2021.

What is a YouSwap Ambassador?

YouSwap’s Ambassadors are empowering, influential and strong. You lead a community and spearhead a future where DeFi is made easy for anyone and everyone. No matter your background or ethnicity, we want YOU to work together with us and bring DeFi to the next level.

Note: This is a freelance role.


- Create content for social media

- Break the language barrier by translating relevant texts to your region

- Support YouSwap’s official channels

- Spread the word about YouSwap


All accepted YouSwap Ambassadors will be properly onboarded according to your skillsets. You will be greeted with a guidebook that allows you to further understand the YouSwap Network and what we are searching for.

We want you to know where we intend to go and how we get there.

Reward Program

It is of top priority for our team to properly incentivise those who help us build our vision. As such, we have created different ambassador tiers that contain differing rewards as a thanks for your efforts.

Why YouSwap?

There are benefits, bonuses and rewards for our YouSwap Ambassadors.

How to apply?

Fill in the Google Form here:

Follow our Channels for more updates and announcements!




A DEX that optimises the AMM model, integrating resources for liquidity and swap pricing, increase exchange speed, and innovate the token economy model. YouSwap’s vision is to expand cross-chain functions and build a strong DeFi All-Eco product portfolio through DEX.

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An All-Eco DeFi decentralised exchange built on multiple public blockchains that truly belongs to you.

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