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Hey Community! We have hit another milestone and we are pleased to announce YouSwap’s (Total Value Locked) TVL has hit $40 Million!

What is TVL?

Total Value Locked (TVL) represents the number of assets that are currently being staked! TVL is a metric that is used to measure the overall health of the DeFi and yielding market.

YouSwap has 3 staking platforms — HECO, BSC, ETH.

The TVL across all 3 staking platforms has hit more than $40 Million as of 27 July 2021 and we are thankful to all our users for using our platform!

If you’re new here, join us in this journey and start mining now!

Check out this article to learn how to stake, swap and harvest!

Follow us on our social platforms to check out for daily announcements such as new Trading Pairs listings, APYs and giveaway events!




A DEX that optimises the AMM model, integrating resources for liquidity and swap pricing, increase exchange speed, and innovate the token economy model. YouSwap’s vision is to expand cross-chain functions and build a strong DeFi All-Eco product portfolio through DEX.

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An All-Eco DeFi decentralised exchange built on multiple public blockchains that truly belongs to you.

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