How to Model Healthy Worship for Children and Youth (Part 1)

ARISE | Singapore

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We found Arise. Watch this 5 minute video below to learn why:

How do we teach the next generation to develop a heart for worship? When Gwen de Rozario, a staff member at the Singapore Bible Society, realized there were few resources to train and guide young people to enter into worship, she started a new community program, called Arise.

Built on helping young people cultivate a passion for worship, Arise has expanded from Singapore to an international movement. It has mobilized churches, para-church organizations, and volunteers to model and teach the foundations and practices of releasing authentic worship. Arise is primarily an annual praise event for young people, with the main venue in Singapore attracting 1,000 to 12,000 people, and churches around the world participating in their own small groups and events.

There is also a leadership component to the program. In addition to participating in the event, about 100 young people are trained to lead worship at Arise every year, through music, singing, and other expressive formats. This is part of a 6-month program that guides young people on practices related to leading worship, praying for others, and developing a sense of compassion for those outside the Christian faith. Arise also provides further discipleship and growth opportunities for their young leaders, to participate on short term missions trips in the region.

Arise is most well known for many of the resources they have developed for guiding young people in worship. They include praise and worship albums with a brand called “OverflowKids,” as well as “Kids Pray” journals, and a devotion called “ACORN” to prepare young people’s hearts leading up to the Arise event. These resources are available and free for church leaders around the world, and promote the best practices learned by the Arise community in Singapore. In the OneHope study on Children and Youth ministry in Singapore, Arise was named often as an exemplary and well known ministry by numerous pastors and NGO leaders.

Beyond their core curriculum, Arise aims to further train young people in spiritual disciplines and prayer — with the vision of gathering children into God’s presence in every time zone.

To learn more about the ministry landscape in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia, check out our REACH research study here, conducted through OneHope.

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