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How to give people what they want and not lose your soul

Building content-oriented filters on YPlan

  1. The Planners, looking for a specific event or an event category. They are price sensitive and flexible with their dates, e.g. if I want to see a “Book of Mormon” I am happy to book 3 months in advance to get the best deal.
  1. Go out on a particular date
  2. Discover event that’s close to me
  3. Find event in my price range
  4. Discover events picked by curators
  1. Scroll down > Interested. See more events.
  2. Scroll up > Couldn’t find anything relevant. Navigate away.
  1. Full. All filtering options. Is expanded from the summary state.
  2. Hidden. Collection title and indication of indicating location in the feed. Displayed on Scroll Down.
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