2017. The Year we had The Most Information To Consume

There has never been this amount of information out there than there is today and with everything moving so quickly, I truly believe people want to know where they can get good quality info they can rely on with a certain degree of reliability. I am really thankful to all those around me who have helped me get into the space I am in and some of he meaningful relationships I have built on this journey of mine. A special shoutout to those who have shared my work with others as that’s the perfect validation.

Usually, I bring the year to an end focusing on my achievements but I am doing it different; this time it’s all about the lessons I learned.

For me, 2017 was a year of growth and discovery — based on consistent feedback, strong self-awareness and understanding where I can help people like me win more by pulling on the right growth levers.


  1. Improve your ability to research
  2. #TheHustleIsn’tSoldSeperately
  3. Growth Mindset
  4. Data Informed

But for those of you who will want a bit more, here it goes.

  1. Improve your ability to research, this year I stopped asking for permission. If you look at the title of the post the word “information” is a massive giveaway. There are so much resources if you know where to look and forums for me have become a hidden gem. Communities and the amalgamation of knowledge is a great resource for getting insights and once you have that, you can feed your curious cat and discover more about the world you don’t know.
  2. #TheHustleIsn’tSoldSeperately — I have learnt not to underestimate the edge consistency and execution will give you over “ideas people”. This is something that the gives the school of entrepreneurship an edge over academia. I really believe that this is a differentiating factor, there have been times when I felt like pushing The Offbeat View a week but my commitment to regularly produce useful content won’t let me. Thankfully, I have also been able to ruthlessly prioritise and do this every week in 2017.
  3. Growth Mindset — I got this term from Carol Dweck’s book and it is goes hand in hand with my belief that you learn the most through doing whether you get it right or wrong. You just need to reverse engineer the steps to get there. As a product guy, I know that this is the process that leads to continuous improvement and gives us the slight edge. I recommend Jeff Olsen’s “Slight Edge” for a better understanding even though this phrase was originally taken from .
  4. Data Informed — Number’s don’t lie. Look, 🎵 Two plus two is four / Minus one that’s three, quick maths🎵. (Big up “Big Shaq”) and it’s true. Letting data be at the centre of decision making forces us to be truly honest with ourselves about what’s working and what isn’t. It is better to get hurt by the truth, than to be comforted by a lie. I like that it leads to richer conversations that can help your business grow and save it from innovators dilemma.

For me, going into 2018 I am most curious about exploring what is holding early stage teams from diverse backgrounds on capitalising what is the best time ever to smash it! I know that most young businesses fail because they build products/services with which there is no market need and I speak to a lot of people who can’t clearly tell me what problem their customers have or really understand the discipline that is required to prove a business model slowly but surely.

What are you fighting for?

What are you fighting for?

I started 2017 knowing that whatever I ended it with would be completely down to me. This is a question I got asked by a close friend of mine who I respect and always has my best interests at heart. You’re bound to miss a few turns, but if this is the only hope that you have, I hope reading this helps you live your best life and just get on with it.

I walk along this long harbor of life and sit on the piers
Reflect on my pain and shit on my fears — Jermaine. Cole

If you enjoyed reading this, thanks in advance for giving me a standing ovation 👏. Have a great 2018!